Our Work / Wild Cliff Beauty 1 & 2

  Commercial portfolio piece by Studio Ava

Each summer, New York City is flooded with new faces hoping to join the ranks of the supermodels and each summer we meet them and discover the "stars of tomorrow". 

This shoot was a beauty feature with some of the best new faces weu2019ve seen over the summer. Upbeat, youthful, fresh and spirited. We wanted to show not only their physical beauty and individuality but also bring out their personalities and humor. Creating a quick peek into who these beauties are inside and out. In the pre-production faze we decided to shoot it on a white CYC and light it as naturally as possible to let the girls be the focus. Then we cranked up the music and let them go! The result was a bright, fresh and energetic video of the next generation!

New Faces Beauty - NYC 1

New Faces Beauty - NYC 2

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