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  Commercial portfolio piece by Studio Ava

We were honored to be chosen by Clinique to shoot the commercials for their "Face Forward" Global Campaign, featuring three of today's biggest "influencers", Tavi Gevinson, Margaret Zhang and Hannah Bronfman.

The traditional ideas of beauty were less important than bringing out faces and energies that would be relatable yet emphasizing strength and character.  We interviewed each of our subjects and kept a clean, simplistic shooting style in order to let the subject shine.  Knowing that we would be editing in the wonderful animation in post that would help capsulate what each subject was trying to make to the audience.  This was a large post project for us, we even moved into the Clinique offices in midtown to work directly with the art and creative director.

In the end we created over 50 deliverables that were converted into more than 35 languages and went live in over 120 countries in one day.  In addition our talented composer, Tao Zervas, created the original score.  The results and response has been overwhelming, leading to several other projects coming out with this legendary cosmetic company.

Tavi Gevinson

Margaret Zhang

Hannah Bronfman

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