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  Commercial portfolio piece by Studio Ava

Our team traveled to Selous Reserve in Tanzania Africa to shoot a story with the working title “Billowing” for Marie Claire UK.

The July heat was stifling and 18 year old Scandinavian model Gabriella felt its full force. There wasn’t even a hint of breeze and we would wait and gaze at the animals casually strolling by our tents until mid-afternoon when, like clockwork, a tremendously strong warm wind would blow across the land. This would send our crew along with hair stylist Tim Cresin, makeup artist Eli Wakamatsu, and editor, Sarah Christie, scrambling to our Land Rovers with all our cases! Maasai warriors would ride along for protection as it was the dry season and the animals were all collecting in bunches near small watering holes right next to our locations.

Inspired by the slow smooth elegance of the animals in the heat of mid day, we created a sensual story full of movement on a palette of watercolors. In the end we delivered retouched finals of Kim’s (2) 12 page stories which ran in the September and October issues. Along with that this one minute spot that ran on Marie Claire’s home page and used as promotion during show week.

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